Our projects advance using a proven methodical process that guide it toward success.

Our 6 Steps to Successful Website Projects

Websites aimed for success require proper planning and a natural flow of progress. We use our six step method of website design and web development which helps ensure everyone involved with the project is on the same, organized page.

1. Research and Plan

Every successful project begins with proper planning, and ours typically begin with you filling out some project information. After some discussion, we’ll begin researching design styles that best appeal to your target audience.¬†Then, we’ll discuss functions and features of the website and often map out milestones and specific tasks.

2. Design

Based on our discussions during the planning phase, we’ll begin designing a conceptual, purely graphical “mockup” from scratch. Once we’ve created a presentable mockup, we’ll send it to you for review, make any requested adjustments and add details until it is approved. This phase also includes logo design, if requested.

3. Build

Development involves taking the approved design apart piece by piece and using it to build your new, fully functional website. Coded from the ground up, your website will come to life, built around the Content Management System, WordPress, which will power your website and allow for a vast amount of features.

4. Content

This phase, similar to the design phase, requires a significant amount of input from you as the client. Here is where we insert all of your information relating directly to your company.  Anything from page copy, pictures, videos, contact information and more.

5. Launch!

The most exciting of the phases, your new website will be launched for the world to see, enjoy and use! Prior to launch, we run tests on your website to ensure it appears and functions correctly in the most popular browsers and also implement traffic monitoring software.

6. Manage

We offer a variety of post-development services, including hosting, updating, and SEO monitoring to ensure your website is continually running in tip-top condition. Hosting also includes CMS and security updates and file and database backups.

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