Pricing information for all of our web solutions.

Website & Logo Design, Web Development and SEO Pricing

We provide estimates for our projects by taking our standard rate of $75/hour and the number of hours a project should take to complete. We work very fast and our rates are extremely reasonable for the quality of services we provide.

Your project estimate will consist of billable hours only, which is time spent on efficient and creative work.  Time spent for any learning curve that may be associated with an aspect of the project is not charged. If the project is completed quicker then expected, the savings are passed on to you.  Please keep in mind, due to the nature of estimates and the difference of every project, the amount of hours may need to be increased with your approval.


Typical Design Pricing

Our custom website design projects follow our 6 step design process which includes researching and planning, design conception and refinement, code development, content integration, testing and website launch.

The time this process takes will almost always vary simply due to the nature of custom services tailored to fit each client’s needs.

  • Simple websites designed from start to finish, including content that you can manage, developed with proper coding and the best SEO practices typically are in the $3,000 to $6,000 range.
  • More complex sites which require more design and development time can range between $7,000 to $30,000 and more
  • E-Commerce websites, also complex in nature, generally start at $10,000 and can go up to $30,000 or more
  • Logo Design typically runs between $750 – $1500, depending on the number of iterations and revisions


We offer free, no obligation consultations for new clients to discuss necessary solutions for an effective online presence.  We also offer hourly consulting over the phone, or in person, at the rate of $75/hour.  We can provide knowledge and insight on web design, search engine optimization, development, WordPress, or any other general questions relating to web design and development.

Monitoring Your Project Budget Online

Keep up to date on your project’s budget by utilizing our online financial application. Not only can you see charts for your project, but you can also access your invoices and payment history, all from a highly secured personal login.

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Why Estimates over Fixed Quote Pricing

Everyone functions and operates differently, just as creating effective websites and the time involved differs. We choose to use the estimate approach over fixed quotes not only because of that fact, but also it provides:

  • More Creative Freedom
    Typically fixed quotes have a set amount of revisions allowing for more and more paperwork to increase your price, often arbitrarily.
  • Ability to Easily Change Features and Work Scope
    Often times you realize you need a new feature, or maybe take one out. Estimates keep you from under or over paying, again reducing paperwork.
  • It’s More Fair for You and for Us
    Have you ever payed $2,000 for something and it looked like $5? Though an exaggeration, this kind of practice is common among fixed priced agencies.
  • You Control the Budget
    We ask for budgets so we can determine what types of features we can include. Want to tone it down? No problem, by reducing your budget, even mid-project, you can keep in line with your financial goals.
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