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Web Hosting Built to Fit Your Site

Server RoomWebsite hosting is necessary for your site to be seen by the world, but it can proven to be complicated and confusing, especially as the demands of your website increase.

It’s vital to your website and the user experience of your visitors that you have a high quality, monitored web hosting service, maintained by experienced hands.

As a client, we can create for you a custom hosting package that will best facilitate your website whether it’s a personal site or a company site with over a million hits a day.

The Importance of Quality Web Hosting

Your website is your virtual face and storefront with it’s availability and load times being vital for it’s success.

Imagine walking into a new, overcrowded clothing store and suddenly the lights go out, the workers are no where to be found. Luckily, you’re right at the door, so you leave and go next door to another new store.  Just like you made the decision to leave a poorly operated store, visitors to a slow loading and poorly working website will quickly leave and bring their business elsewhere. On the internet, they know it’s an even shorter time to reach another option.

Often times, websites will need real power behind them which can increase hosting costs.  Unfortunately, the internet is filled with advertisements for hosting packages that are very cheap and claim ‘unlimited’ everything.  Why this might sound good to the average ear, it is simply too good to be true. Using a similar analogy as above, someone can offer you an apartment for rent for $100 dollars a month.  While it sounds amazingly cheap, what could you expect from that?  Not much, and the same goes with web hosting.

Your Custom Hosting Package May Include

  • Dedicated Server Hardware
  • E-mail Services
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Server Database and File Backups
  • High Speed SAS drives
  • Redundant Servers & Load Balancers
  • Complex Hosting Solutions
  • External Backups
  • Choice of City that Server is Located
  • Advanced DNS Management
  • Server Firewalls
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
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